The première of this work and the involvement with the children were definitely accomplished when two videos were released with the original CD. Paluí and Navegar helped and inspired the author of this project to write and to publish the book later. The videos were directed by Helena Caspurro, Carlos Silva (Cine Clube de Avanca) and the designer Pedro Carvalho de Almeida, in 2013 and produced and edited by Cine Clube de Avanca, Mulher Avestruz and University of Aveiro. Paluí, the video, is a story told by a group of children from 4 to 12 who draw a lot of things from what they had listen from Paluí, the CD. It was done in 2012. Navegar is a love song and the video is based on draws made by Helena Caspurro when the author was 5 years old. The draws reveled a genuine and ingenuous way to express herself. She used to call her self Leninha.

Both films have been selected to screening all around the globe in Cinema and Cartoon Festivals: from Spain, Italy, France, Tunisia and Albania, to Bulgaria, Armenia, Czech Republic, Belarus, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil and India. They won awards in Avanca Film Festival, Cineclube de Avanca, Prémio Egas 2015 and, in the same year, XIV Sévideo – Festival de Vídeo da Sé, in Faro. In 2014, Navegar was nominated for one of the best international short films at International Children’s Film Festival, in Lucknow, India, and in October 2015 was part of the program for the 500th anniversary of the arrival of Portugal to Timor-Leste.


Directed and produced by Cine Clube de Avanca, Mulher Avestruz and University of Aveiro, in 2013

Chorinho, Coisa Preta, Diz a Teresa, Foge Rato, Medo, Menino com Bicho and Ver are the songs that those kids had to make a video, under supervision of CREM team. All these videos were based on draws made at visual and plastic expression classes in school, checking one of the goals for this project. They’re made of colour pencils, paints, collages in paper, plasticine figures and molds as well as wool, plastic and all kind of wastes. Most of those figures, characters and molds made they were part of the scenario for the concert at Cineteatro António Lamoso, but they also did the same job in some of the following concerts around the country. All videos were edited by CREM.