Paluí, está aqui?

Histórias Sonoras para Cantos Interiores

Paluí, está aqui? Histórias sonoras para cantos interiores is the result of a music project in the community that, in parallel with artistic, didactic, social and research objectives, aimed to give voice to the creative and interpretive expression of its participants. The appreciation of the musical creation and (re) construction process, whether in a multidisciplinary context, or in a collaborative and social inclusion environment, being especially privileged, characterizes the transdisciplinary work developed and presented, and which has as its matrix, similar to other projects that they had as cradle this same work, the reinvention or even deconstruction of Paluí, its sounds, its music, its characters, its poetic texts. The concert, being a musical, poetic, dramatic and scenic invention germinated in the musical work Paluí, began with the ideas created by the theater and choir groups at the Hospital de Magalhães Lemos, migrating on a continuous creative journey to the laboratories of the music students of the UA and IPP. 

Corollary of about 4 months of work, it is all about building a group of people, representing the strength of their union.


Ao Alcance de Todos Festival, Casa da Música


After the book, and the seeds he left behind, the journey continues through the hands of paluinauts from other galaxies under the command of users of the Psychosocial Rehabilitation Service of the Hospital de Magalhães Lemos and teams of students and teachers from the University of Aveiro (UA), Institute Polytechnic of Porto (IPP) and Art and Quality Center of Aveiro (CIAQ). The course was no less inspiring. His pier was a show presented at the Festival Ao Alcance de Todos, in April 2019, at Casa da Música

Paluí, está aqui? Histórias sonoras para cantos interiores (Paluí, are you here? Sound stories for inner songs) is a revealing moment that music, theater, dance, visual and plastic arts, image and words are available to everyone, being part of the construction of the books of life.



Art Direction: Helena Caspurro
Artistic Coordination: António Miguel Teixeira, Brendan Hemsworth, Filipe Lopes, Helena Caspurro, João Pereira, Paulo Neto, Patrícia Costa
Cast: Utentes do Serviço de Reabilitação Psicossocial do Hospital Magalhães Lemos, Alunos e Docentes do Departamento de Comunicação e Arte da Universidade de Aveiro, Escola Superior de Educação do Instituto Politécnico do Porto, Centro de Arte e Qualidade de Aveiro
Education: António Miguel Teixeira, Brendan Hemsworth, Filipe Lopes, Helena Caspurro Inês Guedes de Oliveira, João Pereira, Paulo Neto, Sónia Granja
Photography, Concept and Projection: Marcelo Baptista
Costume Design: Patrícia Costa
Sound Design: Dinis Silva e Ricardo Gandra
Light Design: Virginia Esteves
Stage: José Torres

Documentary (2020)

Film-concert (2020)