Target: families; children from 4 years old; Music, Portuguese Language, Visual Education, Kindergarten teachers.


Eye-beings, flying cars, animals of all shapes – twenty-centimeter cocks, sporting parrots, attentive jellyfish, many specimens of the animal-person…!


From the book and the music born the self-titled live performance specially for children and families. The firsts editions of this show celebrated the releasing of the book, between November and December 2017: at the theater of Municipal Library of Santa Maria da Feira and the Library of University of Aveiro. The show premieres at the national congress of APEM in Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, in Lisbon.

Since then Paluí, the show, has been performed across the country in several theaters and stages, as well as international conferences such as Hands On Piano, Post’IP (University of Aveiro) and 33th World ISME Conference (Baku, Azerbaijan).

Target: kindergarten students (4-5 years old) and Primary School.


Paluí likes bread but feeds on dreams and smiles, or imagination. The planet of Paluí must be of different colors because, wherever it travels, it spreads color!


Story time with music is a musical workshop for children and for the kindergarten community and primary school, between 5 to 10 years old. A journey through music to Paluí world and told by children.

For 60 minutes, kids will be invited to perform the book with voice and movement. Songs are sung, sound movements are played, colours and words are listened…

A funny and well humorous educative moment where it is tried to understand the fictional Paluí and the reading of the book through music. It is directed by Helena Caspurro (piano and voice), and music by Nuno Almeida and Diogo Santos.

Reading to taste and to touch in every senses, because if you want to know what Paluí is… you must put your finger here!


Musicians and educators: Helena Caspurro (piano/voice/music/lyrics); Nuno Almeida and Diogo Santos (University of Aveiro’s students)
Costume Designer: Patrícia Costa
Art and pedagogic direction: Helena Caspurro
Promoter and Producer: University of Aveiro


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Love between community and school

Paluí was at Imaginarius Festival in a small structure that was also a place to show several illustrations and projects developed by children and a room to share imaginaries and thoughts with the audience.

It took place in May 2015. And for us, tons of written texts, draws and more draws of Teresa, of ‘coisa preta’ (‘black thing’), of white or blue day, of owl or crow, of ‘serolho’, of ‘menino com bicho’ (‘kid with bug’), of crying and laughs…

Here lived, side by side with a maze of projected images of all work, the planet Paluí under construction, a ‘Somalandra’ and the conclusion of the process that children had started in school.


Paluí, the planet

The planet Paluí, which grew up at Imaginarius, was hang in over the stage of Cineteatro António Lamoso – the premiere of this project, which took place a week after this Festival and had all the musicians from Paluí. The sculpture of this planet it is used nowadays in every show as a scenic object of multiple textures and colours.


Concept: Helena Caspurro, Pedro Carvalho de Almeida, Vânia Lopes and Alexandra Silva
Production: CREM
Participants: All Paluinautas and visitors of Imaginarius.