This site presents Paluí as a space or path for artistic investigation, making known the musical and poetic material that gave birth to its name and existence, and, thus, the reason for this entire trajectory: a CD of original songs and lyrics, edited in 2013. Given its dynamic character and in constant development, the organization of the site reflects the chronological trajectory of the works and studies carried out in the country since its gestation, in music and in the referred album; in particular, the first project, which resulted in the co-creation and edition of the book Paluí: Paluí: Viagem por histórias sonoras que a língua portuguesa conta (2017), which this site primarily disseminates. Constituting the epicenter of Paluí as a study process, this project derives practically all the design and spirit that shaped the visual and narrative approach of the site, where the remaining experiences and research find shelter.


For this reason, we suggest that walking around the various contents of the site, accessible through the Menu, be done by first walking through the pioneering project, Se queres saber o que é o Paluí põe o teu dedo aqui!!!, contemplating its different achievements and products. These include, in addition to the book itself, already mentioned, a set of works and events of an artistic nature, which, iteratively, are his and his resulting creative process, such as: animated video clips by the co-authors, scenic and sound artifacts, as well as, Music and Theater shows, exhibitions and workshops, such as the Story Time with Music, etc.


In “other projects”, in the menu, is where you can unload your internet journey, meeting the other studies and experiences of Paluí, carried out after that and in different contexts and communities; products of an artistic and pedagogical nature are also exhibited, such as films and documentaries, although such a sequence, although suggested, is not essential to be able to observe and understand any of Paluí’s projects and works in their individuality and originality. Including the last one, is Paluí está aqui? Histórias sonoras para cantos interiores, which, having been germinated, like the previous project, in Paluí’s musical work, materialized in the co-creation of a show of music, theater, dance and image projection, presented at Casa da Música (2019). A show, which, mirroring the creative, collaborative, transdisciplinary and artistic nature of the research, as well as the social and inclusive purposes in which it was shaped, turned into a unique piece or work, original, perhaps, unrepeatable and which this site also seeks to promote.


Paluí is in a continuous process of search, expansion and (re)invention. This explains that other outputs produced and generated by its different projects, namely those that respect some of the lines of research and that are expected to be consummated in articles and textual publications, are still in the process of materialization. As well as the creative alignment of new projects to respond to different and renewed challenges.