Creator of Paluí, assistant professor at Department of Communication and Art, researcher and collaborator, respectively, at INET-Md and CESEM. Caspurro was also professor at Escola Superior de Educação da Guarda, at Coimbra and at FCSH, New University of Lisbon.

Pianist, singer, composer and lyricist in a cocktail of jazz and fusion, Caspurro released 3 solo albums: Mulher Avestruz (2003), Colapsopira (2009) and Paluí (2013). The last one was released under the celebrations of 40th anniversary of the University of Aveiro and also it was nominated by Antena 1, one of the most important radio stations in Portugal, which made Caspurro promote the record nationally and internationally.

From her activity, it is important to notice the research studies about improvisation and musical understanding, from Caspurros’ PhD is about: “Efeitos da Audição da Sintaxe Harmónica no Desenvolvimento da Improvisação”, several articles published, the creation and artistic direction of musical videos, scenic shows for children and teachers at Casa da Música, such as Um Sonho Americano (American Dream) (2011) and Em Canto se Conta o Natal (2013), workshops and multidisciplinary projects. One of those projects is Se queres saber o que é o Paluí…põe o teu dedo aqui! Viagem por Histórias sonoras que a Língua Portuguesa Conta, implemented in schools from Município de Santa Maria da Feira and in University of Aveiro.

Since its publishing, in November 2017, that Helena has been promoting the book Paluí: Viagem por Histórias Sonoras que a Língua Portuguesa Conta, a development from the original project of Paluí, in shows around the country for kids and their families. In them there is music, theater, animation for kids and video projection. With the actor José Geraldo, musicians and animators such as Arnaldo Fonseca and António Miguel, and also Pedro Carvalho de Almeida as designer and video projector, Helena keeps taking Paluí’s shows to another level.

Paluí has been reinvented itself in different projects that has been solicited to. One of them is the upcoming project with mental health and psychiatric hospitals, that will take place at Hospital Magalhães Lemos, Porto.

In June 2018, songs from Paluí has been performed as a musical by students from the choir of Atelier Musical da Escola Artística de Música from Conservatório Nacional and its different schools, under a script inspired by the songs and under orientation of Nathanael Junior, Rúben Rodeia, Rúben Santos e Bruno Cochat. Also in 2018, Paluí flew to Baku, Azerbaijan, where it premiere at the 33rd World Conference of ISME – International Society of Music Education.

Helena recorded with musicians such as Brendan Hemsworth, António A. Aguiar, Arnaldo Fonseca, Mário Santos, Pedro Almeida, Carlos Mendes, Andrés Tarabbia, Filipe Monteiro, José Lima, Luís Trigo, António Miguel, Diana Basto, Inês Lamela, Nuno Aragão, Telmo Marques, Quarteto em Si, and peforming such with Pedro Lima Pereira and Paulo Neto.

Coculi is the most recent song composed and recorded with a didactic point of view, commissioned by APEM for the website Cantar Mais, where there is 50 voices of children from primary musical classes of Conservatório Calouste Gulbenkian of Braga, as well as Joana Machado Araújo and Brendan Hemsworth, who Helena usually performs with. Recording her next album is one of her upcoming projects.

Graduated in Philosophy at University of Porto, then conclude a master’s in Musical Sciences and at the moment Helena is in Sociodrama Direction at Sociedade Portuguesa de Psicodrama. Owns her musical formation to Juventude Musical Portuguesa and Conservatório de Música, both in Porto, and thanks to Marília Vaz e Viana, Helena Sá e Costa, Lina Reis Porto, Lino Gaspar, and so on, for teaching. Paulo Gomes, from Jazz School of Porto, opened her studies to another universe that influenced her in her personal and artistic life. Helena Caspurro also studied and researched with E. Gordon, R. Grunow, Beth Bolton and Christopher Azzara in classes at Fundação Ca louste Gulbenkian, in Lisbon, Temple University (Philadelphia), Duquesne University (Pittsburgh) and Eastman School of Music (Rochester, NY).

Communication designer, professor and researcher. Researcher fellow (postdoctoral, financing FCT) at Instituto de Investigação em Design Media e Cultura (ID+) and Central Saint Martins – Research, University of the Arts London (CMS-UAL).
PhD at CMS-UAL (Brand Archives, financing FCT), where he was awarded a postdoctoral fellowship (Cultural Engagement) from Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC). Assistant professor in Design degree of Department of Communication and Art, University of Aveiro.
Assistant professor at Central Saint Martins, College of Arts and Design, ENSCI – Les Ateliers Paris, and at The Glasgow School of Art – School of Innovation. Has been developing pedagogic contents on areas of brand deconstruction and developing visual identities systems, semantics of products and visual methods of investigation.
As designer, Pedro collaborated with several corporations in Portugal and UK, including companies and indie music labels. He’s work on calligraphy, photography, print and collage has an important role in his creative language and in his collaborations in graphic and communication design.