About | PALUÍ
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What is Paluí?


A book that was born in music

Paluí is a made-up word which started as a song, then become an entire album with the same name by Helena Caspurro. Since then and maybe for being a magical word, Paluí kept growing. From a song to drawings made by kids and young adults, video animation, multimedia shows, workshops…


In search to define Paluí

This place shows the book of Paluí and an educational/artistic project which made it grow and become real. The biography of a trip made by ideas, happenings, objects, drawings giving life to texts and songs, stories, surprises, happiness and…hundreds of children. A search to define Paluí, as something with more meaning than it makes us feel from the sounds and all the feelings that lives in the words that sings it.


If you want to know what Paluí is… put your finger here!